Yarloop Vehicle Control Points

Project Length: 8 Months
Contractor: Shire of Harvey
Project Value: $1,990,000
Project Date: January – August 2016

Project Outcome:

Extremely effective traffic management throughout the clean-up process in Yarloop. Our team worked efficiently and courteously with a town that has suffered a lot of loss and were going through very difficult times. CB Traffic Solutions provided traffic management services for the lockdown of the town of Yarloop following the recent bushfires which destroyed the town.

CB Traffic Solutions were appointed to install a number of physical barricades around the town site, as well as manning 3 vehicle control points 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These vehicle control points were required to check entry permits of people trying to access the town and keep records of all major items entering and leaving the town. Over the 8-month period that we were on site, the entire process ran very smoothly, with very few issues arising and none that could not be solved easily.

Project References:

Peter Kay – Manager Works and Services – Shire of Harvey 08 9729 0362