Health, Safety, Environment and Quality

Health, Safety, Environment and Quality

Working closely with our clients to enable them to succeed, we strive to deliver the highest quality traffic management services with innovation, knowledge and solutions.

Health and Safety

Safety is our number one priority: we look after our people. Our Safety First policy means our staff are properly trained, qualified and experienced to perform their job competently and safely, while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. We believe that having a safe worksite is an integral part of ensuring a job is done efficiently.

Environment Responsibility

We have little impact on the environment, we use a range of state of the art traffic management devices and a range of operational procedures to ensure that our environmental footprint is minimised. This includes the use of sign aids (made from recycled rubber materials), instead of sand bags, to rule out the cross contamination of sand/seeds spreading. Our people are respectful of any native plants when placing signs etc. We take away our own rubbish and ensure sites are kept clean.​


CB Traffic Solutions do the job right the first time. Our total customer commitment is to maintain high standards of customer service and compliance at all times. We candidly and openly discuss issues with our stakeholders, listen to our customers and provide valued solutions to their problems. Our commitment to quality adds value, delivers efficiencies, and supports effective management of every project.